Welcome to Icelea Jewelry

Welcome to our client side jewelry manufacturing portal. Through this interface you will be able to create custom jewelry products with our innovative and easy to use development software.

To get started, simply click on the Custom Project Quotation link to the left. If you do not yet have a client account with us, you will be invited to create one at this time. The only requirement before beginning is that you have a concept for your jewelry piece with a precise description of what you would like to have made.

Other information which will help expedite the development process which if possible you should think about and organize prior to the submission process if you have any of the following are:

  1. A jewelry design or Pictures
  2. A weight estimate in desired material
  3. Chain length (If Applicable)
  4. Gemstones (If Applicable)
  5. Desired Finishing
  6. Plating

If you are unsure about some of the above items, don't worry, we'll help walk you through it in the next step.

We are grateful that you chose us, and look forward to producing your quality products.